The Association for Water and Environment of Western Uusimaa

The Association for Water and Environment of Western Uusimaa (fin. Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö ry, LUVY) was founded in 1975 to promote research, monitoring and state of water bodies in Western Uusimaa, southern Finland. LUVY works with water conservation, environmental protection and environmental health.

Association’s activities cover both common non-profit and business operations. The main working field consists of promoting the state of inland water bodies as well as coastal waters and ground water. LUVY has a long experience in ground water surveillance, wastewater monitoring as well as large scale of water quality monitoring. LUVY provides wide range of environmental services such as studies, reports and consulting. Non-profit activities include e.g. environmental counseling and statements.

LUVY has a diverse group of clients. Environmental scientists provide research services for municipalities, industry and wastewater treatment plants. Laboratory serves a wide range of clients from private persons to companies. LUVY’s certified field experts are trained to take representative samples for laboratory analyses.

LUVY’s main office is located in Lohja and the branch offices are in Raasepori and in Tvärminne, Hanko.


LUVY’s accredited testing laboratory is authorized by the FINAS - Finnish accreditation services (T147 accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005). LUVY’s laboratory offers reliably high quality physico-chemical and microbiological analyses on water, food products, hygiene, air and excrement. Laboratory provides services for private persons, companies and municipalities.

The laboratory analyzes:

  • Water samples: drinking water, fresh and brackish water, groundwater, wastewater, swimming water etc.
  • Food samples, feed
  • Hygiene samples (food establishments, slaughterhouses, production)
  • Indoor air samples, as well as building materials and surface samples related to the health of the housing
  • Fecal samples from animals

Environmental research

LUVY’s research scientists are experts in the fields of water ecology, fish stocks, benthic animals, aquatic vegetation and wastewater purification. LUVY studies and monitors the state of waters as large continuous research as well as single investigations. A significant part of investigated water samples are taken by association’s field personnel and analyzed in LUVY’s laboratory.


Association’s environmental projects aim to improve the state of water bodies in Western Uusimaa and to develop cooperation in local, national and international level. The goal in the project is to find and implement new methods for water protection and restoration.

Hiidenvesi restoration project aims to restore Lake Hiidenvesi to good ecological state. The second largest lake in Uusimaa suffers from eutrophication, algal blooms, low visibility as well as changes in fish stocks and vegetation. Hiidenvesi project is working to decrease the high organic load coming from the drainage area by planning and implementing restoration measures in the drainage area, mainly wetlands and agricultural counseling.

Järvi Hoi (2012-2014) project developed new methods for food web restoration in cooperation between Finland and Sweden. In western Uusimaa target lakes were Lakes Hiidenvesi, Lohjanjärvi and Enäjärvi of Vihti. In Lakes Hiidenvesi and Lohjanjärvi the aim was to find suitable food web restoration methods in lakes with complex ecology and in Lake Enäjärvi to test net hauling in shallow areas. The Järvi Hoi project was carried out in various lakes in Finland and Sweden.

Scattered wastewater project LINKKI focuses on field inventories and advisory work related to wastewater treatment systems in areas that do not belong to municipal wastewater network. Finnish legislation obligates property owners of scattered settlement areas to have proper wastewater treatment in 2016.


LUVY has its own publication series. Association publishes studies and reports on the state of water bodies of Western Uusimaa yearly. The publications include large variety of monitoring data e.g. on water quality, benthic fauna, vegetation, fish stocks and nutrient load. The reports are published in Finnish.


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Executive director Jaana Pönni

Head of laboratory Satu Henriksson

LUVY Office tel. 019 323 623